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Calculate for me!

Calculate for me!

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Have you checked out our Wallpaper 101 page? If so and you still need help, we've got you covered.

Our staff can do the calculations for you, for a small $3.99 fee. This fee is applicable for 1 room/space and 1 wallpaper pattern.
If you require multiple calculations to be done (multiple rooms and patterns) you can purchase several "Calculate for me" options by adding this item to your cart multiple times. ( i.e: 2 rooms with 3 different patterns) would be adding x3 "Calculate for me" to your cart.

What we need from you to correctly calculate how much wallpaper your project requires:

1) Length of your ceiling height from above your baseboards to the top of your ceiling (in inches)

2) Width of each wall being wallpapered measured in inches

3) The wallpaper pattern you've selected for the space we're calculating.

See example Below:
"Hi I'm trying to figure out how much wallpaper I'll need for my powder room, I'm wallpapering all 4 walls in the space.
Wallpaper pattern: Amazonia Linear Visage in Black and White
Room Dimensions: Ceiling height is 93" and width of wall 1 is: 63", wall 2: is 39", wall 3 is: 63" and wall 4 is: 39" - Kelly Smith"

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Installation Advice

Unsure about how much wallpaper you'll need to order for your project? Wondering what a pattern repeat is or what all those symbols on your wallpaper packaging mean? Check out our Wallpaper 101 page for tips and tricks on all things wallpaper.

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